Ashta Siddhis - The 8 Divine Powers


Since ancient times, the supernatural, paranormal, magical powers and spiritual powers obtained through meditation and penance in Indian culture has been called Siddhi. Siddhi means the attainment of perfection, accomplishment and the feeling of success. A person who achieves Siddhis through difficult path attains the perfection of life. Achieving unusual skill or ability is called Siddhi.

Indian ancient texts have detailed descriptions of many Siddhis, of which eight types of Siddhis are the most famous. These eight Siddhis, the most popular, have been named as Ashta Siddhis in Indian culture. In mythological texts, Mata Durga is said to be the provider of Ashta Siddhis and nine Nidhis. Shri Ram bhagat Mahavir Hanuman is also considered to provide eight types of Siddhi and nine types of Nidhis.


The path of attainment of Siddhis is not so easy. For this one has to be disciplined in life and should have complete control of mind. After the achievement of these Siddhis no work of this universe becomes impossible for seeker (Saadhak). After the attainment of theses Siddhis the seeker rises above the worldly attachment and longing for the acquiring of material things.

Hanuman by virtue of his knowledge, intelligence and knowledge, attained Ashta Siddhis and nine Nidhis, became extremely powerful and attained invincible and divinity status, that is why in the relation of Ashta Siddhis it is mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa- “Asht siddhi nav nidhi ke data, Asavar deen jaanakee maata “On the basis of this line, the belief in the folks has been strengthened that by the grace of Mother Sita, Hanuman offers Ashta Siddhi and Navi Nidhi to his worthy devotees.

The Eight types of Siddhis provided by Mahabali Hanuman to worthy devotees are as follows:


Once this Siddhi is attained, a person can assume the very subtlest form at any time. This Siddhi was also used by Hanuman ji himself. Hanuman ji entered the Lanka of the demon king Ravana using this Siddhi. The Hanuman ji had inspected the whole of Lanka on the strength of Anima Siddhi in a very miniature form. Not only this, Bajrangbali entered the mouth of a demon named Sursa through this Siddhi and came out.


This Siddhi provided by Bajrangbali is also very miraculous. A man who attains this Siddhi can make his body many times larger. When Hanuman ji was crossing the sea to Lanka, a demon named Sursa stopped his path in the middle. At that time, to defeat Sursa, Hanumanji had enlarged his form to 100 times. Sursa was scared because of this vastness. On the strength of Mahima Siddhi Bajrangbali convinced Mata Sita, who was depressed in Ashoka Vatika of Lanka, to trust the power of Vanara Sena.


This is the Siddhi by which seeker can increase his weight infinitely. Although may or may not have needed it in the Ramayana period, but it definitely did in the Mahabharata period. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata text that Hanuman ji crushed the pride of Kunti’s son Bhima by the use of this Siddhi. Hanuman ji took the form of an old monkey and was sitting with his tail spread on the way of Bhima. The old monkey was asked by Bhima to remove his tail from the path. The old monkey said that I cannot remove my tail due to old age, you remove yourself. After this, Bhima started removing the tail of the monkey, but the tail did not budge. Bhima exercised full power, but did not succeed. Thus Bhima’s pride broke.


The fourth Siddhi is ‘Laghima’. After this Siddhi is complete, the seeker can lighten his weight lighter than the peacock feather. The donor of Ashta Siddhis Hanuman ji himself has used it in the AshokaVatika, when he lightened his body and hide himself between the leaves in the branches of the Ashoka tree from the sight of demons and Ravana.


Fifth of the Ashta Siddhis is ‘ Prapti” means reaching all the places, acquiring all items. On the strength of this Siddhi, seeker acquires any thing of the world immediately; understand the language of animals and birds can see the time to come. It is said that Hanuman ji discovered Mata Sita in Ashoka Vatika by discussing with many animals and birds while searching for Mata Sita by using this Siddhi in Ramayana.


The sixth Siddhi is ‘ Prakamaya ‘. This Siddhi provides the energy to perform unique and incredible miracles. With its use, the seeker can descend into the depths of the earth, fly in the sky and survive under water for a long period of time. This is the same Siddhi, due to which Mahabali Hanuman ji will remain young for ever.


The seventh Siddhi is ‘Ishitva’ means supremacy over nature and ability to force influence upon others. The qualities of leadership are fully exposed to the man who attains this Siddhi. It was due to the influence of divinity that Hanuman ji led the entire monkey army efficiently. Due to this Siddhi, he kept good control over all the monkeys.


The eighth and last Siddhi is named ‘Vasitva’ means ability to control material elements. This Siddhi makes the seeker Jitendriya . With its effect, the seeker can have complete control over his mind. This is the same Siddhi with the help of which its seekers can control anyone. Due to its effect only Hanuman ji has been called the abode of incredible force.