Combination Reading

Get a combination Astrology and Tarot Cards Reading to gain an insight into your future as well as your energies this moment.

$60 USD


  ($200)  USD  

Why Choose an Astrological Reading?

The horoscope (also known as the natal chart, birth chart, Kundali) is the depiction of the placement of the planets in the universe at the moment you were born on this earth. 

Astrological reading gives you an insight into your love life, job, career, business, money related issues, health related problems, family life, children and relationships as defined in your destiny.

Know if you have Raj Yoga in your Kundali? Should you invest in a business or Job is the route for you? Your Kundali has all the answers. 

Why Choose a Tarot Cards Reading?

Our conscious mind works with a system of images. Every time we think about a situation, person, or place, their image sub-consciously appears in our mind. We all are connected to the universe by this unique and incredible gift of sight and visions.

Tarot Cards are a collection of beautifully decorated and depicted images that contain the essence of an entire universe in the form of cards. We can use these cards to analyze, predict, and confer the energies around you.

Tarot Card turn complex situations into a comprehensible and easy solution for you to understand.

Not sure which option is best for you? Don't worry we have got you covered with:
Combination - Astrology + Tarot Cards Reading! Book Now.

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