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"A team of experienced Pandits,
Dedicated to bring
Your Personalized Puja right into your home "

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Our team of learned Pandits at Live Online Puja wishes to accomplish for every devotee globally, instant and easy access to all  Pujas, Yagyas, and Homams performed using Vedic guidelines and by highly respected and accomplished Acharayas or Indian Pandits. At Live Online Puja, we have a team of Indian Pandits from across the world, that all share the same mission and vision.

We believe that no boundaries of any kind should hinder us from practicing and connecting with our culture, traditions, and values. We aim to provide live and online access to Pujas, Yagyas, and Homams in this digital age and in doing so, hope to bring all the devotees one step closer to turning this vision into a reality.

Team of Live Online Puja values your devotion and belief in us to make it possible for you to be a part of these divine Pujas and rituals. Our team of highly learned Pandits puts their heart and soul into each Puja they perform. Each Puja is tailored to the need, birth details and circumstances of the devotees. We provide a live HD streaming experience, which enables you to watch your Pujas and Homams and become a part of these, from the conform of your home.

Some esteemed members of our Global Team:

Pandit Online

Pt. Dinesh Ji


Pt. Atul Ji

Pandit Ji

Pt. Vishal Ji

Online Pandit

Pt. Anil Ji

Pandit Ji Online

Pt. Vikrant Ji

Pandit LOP

Pt. Raman Ji

In this world filled with chaos and suffering, hold the hand of God and under the guidance of our esteemed team of Pandits, walk towards eternal peace, harmony, and wisdom through the medium of Pujas, Yagyas, Homams and powerful divine Mantras. We aim to help fill the lives of all devotees with the divine blessings of God.