Mahalakshmi Puja & Homam for Wealth & Economic Prosperity

  • MahaLakshmi Puja is done for economic prosperity and well-being.

  • Please the Goddess of Wealth Mata Lakshmi, with strong & powerful Mantras.

  • Watch the Puja Live, done exclusively for you at an auspicious time.

  • Performed by learned Pandits based on Vedic Principles

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Read to know more about the benefits of Mahalakshmi Puja & Homam, Puja Vidhi – Simple and Advanced, Best Day for Mahalaskhmi worship, Mata Lakshmi’s Birth Story and Origin,  Marriage to Lord Vishnu, The Cure of Separation & More.

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Which days are best for booking the Puja?
  • The Best day for performing MahaLakshmi Puja is Friday.  Please contact us for auspicious timings.

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Mata Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. A person who sincerely worships Mata Mahalakshmi receives her blessings and prosperity never leaves his house. Of Mata Lakshmi’s many names, some include Sri, Padma, Kamala, and Visnupriya. The eight significant manifestations of Maa Mahalakshmi are called The Ashtalakshmi, which symbolize the eight wealth sources. These include Adi Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Veera/Dhairya Lakshmi, Jaya/Vijaya Lakshmi, and Vidya Lakshmi.

Mahalakshmi Mata is one of the Trinity of Goddesses in Hinduism. Alongside Mata Saraswati, & Mata Parvati, Mahalakshmi Maa is the divine energy that sustains the life at earth. Mata grants wealth, fortune, beauty, joy, love, and prosperity. Mata Lakshmi is the divine energy, partner, and wife of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu becomes pleased with the devotees that worship Mata Lakshmi and devotees also receive Vishnu Bhagwan’s blessings.

Trinity of Goddesses Maa Kali Mahalakshmi and Maa Saraswati

Rama19920, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Goddess Lakshmi sits on a lotus pedestal & holds lotus flower in her hands. Mahalakshmi has 4 arms, with lotus flowers in two of her hands, giving her the name Padmahasta, where Padma refers to the lotus flowers in her hands (hasta). She blesses her devotees with one of her hands & provides all the treasures this world has to offer with the other.  Her four hands are representative of four main goals of human life according to the Vedas. The first one symbolizing Dharma, the second Kama or the desire, the third being Artha or the meaning behind life, and the final goal being moksha or the liberation. The granter of all the wishes, Sarvabhutahitaprada, Maa Laksmi, is often depicted wearing a beautiful red saree and her divine appearance and blessings takes away all the sorrows from the lives of her devotees. 

Mahalakshmi Idol

Ved Sutra, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


As mentioned in Bhagwat Purana, in ancient times, the demons had captured the heavenly world, due to which all the Devtas went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu asked the Gods to churn the ocean or perform ‘Samudra Manthan’ in the hopes of receiving a diving liquid that can provide them immense powers. However, the churning of the ocean was no joke, and required all the power of Devtas and Danavs combined in order to obtain the elixir of life.

Samudra-Manthan and Emergence of Mahalakshmi

CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Narad Muni went to the demons and convinced them to churn the sea by luring them with the divine nectar. The Samundar Manthan began, and so did the emergence of unexplained and unthinkable divine and power things from the ocean. Numerous gems & divine beings came out of that sea-churning one after the other (such as Kamdhenu, the divine cow that fulfills all the wishes of her possessor). The most precious was none other than the divine energy in the form of Maa Mahalakshmi.

Sitting on a lotus, Mata Lakshmi had an urn in one hand, and the other hand was in the blessing’s posture. Her divine appearance mesmerised one and all. Mahalakshmi possessed limitless energy and was the holder of all the charms, and treasures of the world. Later, Goddess Mahalakshmi chose Lord Vishnu as her husband. The day Maa Mahalakshmi appeared from the churning of the sea is considered the full moon day of the bright half of the month of Phalgun. Thus, every year the full moon of the Shukla Paksha (Bright Half) of Falgun month (February-March) is celebrated as Mata’s birth anniversary or Lakshmi Jayanti.


Maa Lakshmi Maha Mantra | Lakshmi Mantra for Wealth

ॐ धनाय नम: ||

Om Dhanaay Namah ||

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद प्रसीद
ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मयै नम:॥

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah॥


The form of Mahalakshmi born to Sage Bhrigu and Mata Khyati is named Sri Devi. Sage Bhrigu is believed to be the son of Lord Brahma and was created by his divine powers. One of the most prominent Sapta Rishis, his work Bhrigu Samhita serves as a guide to astrologers. Dhata and Vishata, the two sons of Bhrigu, are the siblings of Mata Lakshmi.

Rishi Bhrigu is also the father of Shukra. Sri Lakshmi Mata is thus the half-sister of Shukra Dev who was born to Rishi Bhrigu with Devi Kavyamata. Shukra Dev later become the teacher of Asuras and deity of the planet Venus.

The Sri form of Mahalakshmi is related to the earth or Bhoomi. In the honor of Mahalakshmi, the term Shri is used before addressing any God and Goddess or a person with a position of authority and respect. Shri serves as a representative of riches, success, authority, & admiration.

Mahalakshmi on Lutus in an Ocean

Bazar Art, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The Guru of Asuras, Shukra Dev once decided to perform penance to gain the powers of reviving the dead from Lord Shiva. Taking the advantage of his absence, the Devas forged war against the Asuras. Facing defeat on the battlefield, the Asuras rushed to Shankaracharya’s adobe to take refuge. Kavyamata (mother of Shukra) took the Asuras in her protection and kept them hidden in their house for months using her powers. Kavyamata paralyzed Indra Dev and put the Devas under deep slumber to honor her athithis (the Asuras). Thus, Lord Vishnu came to the rescue of Devtas and with his Sudarshan Chakra, he cut the shield protecting the Asuras, killing Kavyamata in the process. When Sage Bhrigu returned home and saw his dead wife, he cursed Lord Vishnu with the same pain of separation with his spouse. Thus, Lord Vishnu has to face the pain of separate from his consort in his every birth on earth.

Vishnu and Mahalakshmi in Ocean

Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mahalakshmi Maa also faces the pain of separation from Narayan as a result of this curse. Lord Vishnu is the creator and the protector of the universe, while Mata Lakshmi is essential to the running of this world. Lakshmi Maa or material wealth is about attachment to the material world, while Narayan is the representation of pure consciousness and divinity. Their separation becomes inevitable in human world, with the goal of humans being to unite back to the pure consciousness, leaving the material world behind. In a similar manner, Mata Lakshmi always seeks to be one with Lord Vishnu.

Mahalakshmi and Ganesha

Jonoikobangali, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This pain of separation & solace is faced by Narayan and Lakshmi in their every avatar. Lord Rama & Mata Sita were separated by the evil deeds of Ravan in Satyug. In Kalyug, Radha and Krishna could never become one and had to lead lives far from each other despite being one at heart. 


Hindus worship Mahalakshmi at their home and business to ensure that their economic wealth flourishes. Money-related problems can be overcome by worshiping Mahalakshmi Mata and Friday is considered most auspicious for Mahalakshmi Puja in the week. Mahalakshmi Puja brings abundance and prosperity to devotees’ lives.

Mata Mahalakshmi opens the doors of material fulfillment and prosperity for all who observe the Vaibhav Lakshmi fast along with Lakshmi Puja on the morning of a Friday. The devotees end their day by opening the fast after Maa Lakshmi Puja in the evening. It is recommended to light a lamp of ghee on the house’s main door throughout the day of the Puja, as the Diya serves as an invite to Maa Lakshmi. The divine force of the Diya also destroys the negative energy of the house. Another extremely auspicious day to worship Mata Lakshmi is India’s biggest festival – Diwali.

Diwali Puja online

Raja Ravi Varma, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


• Clean the house before the Puja as It is said that Goddess Mahalakshmi only resides in clean houses.

• On red cloth covered elevated platform place the idol or portrait of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

• Adorn the idol of the Goddess with beautiful red coloured clothes and jewellery.

• Offer lotus or rose flowers on picture or idol of Mata and light a lamp.

• Apply Roli, kumkum to the Goddess.

Hindu Goddess Mata Lakshmi

• Offer incense, perfume, flowers Betasha (Hollow sugar bubble candy), Paan, Betel nut, Clove pair, cardamom, etc to Mata.

• Pray to the Devi while reciting Mahalakshmi’s Mantras.

• Offer fruits, (Mahalakshmi likes Coconut, Plum, Pomegranate and Singhade (Water Chestnut), Sweets and dry fruits as Bhog.

• Perform Homam and pay homage to the God of Agni, while chanting Mantas to please Mata Lakshmi.

• Perform Aarti of Mata with incense and lamp and distribute Prasad.

Mahalakshmi ji in Red Saree

Raja Ravi Varma, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Our life is nothing but a roller coaster of ups and downs. Life goes through its phases; after happiness, there is sorrow, and after suffering, joy. Despite the cycle, we all crave pleasure, and one of the most critical factors to obtain this is financial stability. However, several times people suffer only misery in their life due to lack of luck and the impact of malefic planets. In the case of a malefic planet, either the native does not have money, or the money does not stay with him. In such a situation, the native benefits from Grah Shanti Puja of the malefic planet. Mahalakshmi Puja along with Grah Shanti Puja is recommended to restore economic well-being.

Prasad of Puja Online


Harmony in Family life – We all cherish our families the most and performing Mahalakshmi Puja creates a sense of harmony & ensures a peaceful environment at home. It brings harmony and peace back to the lives of natives with Mata Lakshmi’s blessings.

Removing obstacles in personal and professional life – We all face hardships in life & often times work alone is no guarantee for a successful career. Praying to Maa Mahalakshmi brings in the sense of calamity in our minds that helps one to easily tackle all the problems in their personal & professional life.

Wealth and financial success – Mahalakshmi is the creator of wealth, and people worship Mata to ensure a financially stable life for their family.

Reduces negativity in business and Home– Performing Mahalakshmi Puja reduces negativity from her devotees’ lives and houses. The Puja opens up the path for success


The eight forms of Mahalakshmi, that are the 8 different sources of wealth and treasures are referred to a the Ashta Lakshmi. The treasures can be materialistic such as gold, silver, and diamonds, as well as figurative treasures that far extend them and make the lives of human rich in its true essence. The treasures of knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment, health, peace, progeny, and luck are some examples of the endless possibilities of blessings received by Mata Lakshmi. 

Adi Lakshmi – The first form of Mahalakshmi Mata, Adi Lakshmi is the provider of emotional stability and peace. With the blessings of Adi Lakshmi, once can reach the highest levels of Meditation and enlightenment. The treasure of a peaceful life is the most desired by one and all in this world full of rat races and constant push and pull in every aspect of life. One should worship Mata Adi Lakshmi to achieve the much needed peace & mental well-being in these busy times.

Dhana Lakshmi – The second form of Mahalakshmi, is the provider of wealth, as suggested by her name. The riches of the world, the treasures, the gold, the lavish life, good food, and prosperity are received by the blessings of Mata Dhana Lakshmi. 

Dhanya Lakshmi – The third Ashta Lakshmi and the eight armed form of Lakshmi Mata, is called the Dhanya Lakshmi. The idol of Dhanya Lakshmi depicts the Annapurna side of Mata, holding food gains, ganna (sugarcane), challi (corn), rice crop etc. in her hands. Mata wears a green saree representing the greenery of fields full of crops.  Thus, the family that worships Dhanya Lakshmi never experiences food related troubles in their lives, their kitchen is always full of healthy food that enriches their bodies and souls. The most lavish and healthy food, from the best sources, becomes easily accessible to them.

Gaja Lakshmi – Gaja refers to an elephant, and Gaja Lakshmi is the form of Ashta Lakshmi that is responsible for providing wealth in terms of animals or cattle. Animals have a supreme significance in agriculture and food, and the farmer who possess them, attains healthy fields and food supplies. The divine Cow known as Kamdhenu, who fulfill all the wishes of her possessor has the direct blessings of Gaja Lakshmi. It is believed that Mahalakshmi took this form to restore the wealth of the kind of Devas, Indra Dev. 

Ayudha Puja for Mahalakshmi Saraswati & Parvati Mata

Santana Lakshmi – The provider of most important treasure that human beings posses, their progeny, Mata Santa Lakshmi provides her devotees with Santana Sukh. Another powerful ritual that is performed by Devotees to receive the blessings of a child is the Ladoo Gopalam Maha Aushthan, where the baby form of Lord Krishna is worshipped with an intense prayer, over the course of 11 long days. Mahalakshmi’s avatar as Santana Lakshmi, is the giver and protector of a child. Mata carries her child in her lap and protects her children from all harms.

Veera Lakshmi – Veer refers to the strength of a human being, the courage to stand up against all odds and evils, and to face the truth, and come out victorious. Mata carriers weapons such as a sword, trident (trishul), bow and arrow, shankh etc. in her hands and has 8 arms.  One of her hand rests on her lap, while the other is in the blessing position to provide her devotees with the strength to win.

Vijaya Lakshmi – Vijaya means victory, thus Vijaya Lakshmi Mata is the provider of victory to her devotees. Weather it is winning over their enemies, or winning a battle of life, Mata Vijaya’s devotees can conquer it all. Victory can be achieved in any field or aspect of life with the blessings of this form of Mahalakshmi. 

Vidya Lakshmi – Vidya or knowledge is of utmost importance in a human’s life. It is what separates us from all the other creatures in the world. Education and knowledge hold an immense amount of strength that can uplift a person’s life and help provide it a purpose. The final form of Ashta Lakshmi, the Vidya Lakshmi Mata wears a white saree and holds the Vedas in her hands. Students heavily benefit by worshipping this form of Mahalakshmi. It is believed that people who are in a career where continuous education is requires such as technology, or arts related, experience a significant increment in their incomes when they worship Vidya Lakshmi Maa on Fridays for 11 weeks.

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