cow donation, gau daan
  • Cow Donation for feeding food to cows in Gaushalas or Gau Chara Daan.

  • Gau Daan or Food Donation to Cows would be done based on the Vedic Guidelines & on an auspicious day to gain the desired effect by this auspicious karma.

  • Get blessings of the 33 Crore Gods & Goddesses with donation of the Chara or the food for cows
$101 – $501 USD
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Cow Donation comes comes in 4 Options:

Cow Donation (Gau Daan) of Food in Gausala for 1 Day for $101, for 2 Days for $201, for 3 Days is for $301, for 1 Week is for $501. You can choose custom dates for the Daan to be done. 

CONTACT US for any customized Cow Food Donation Structure.

Which days are best for booking the Cow Donation?
  • All days are auspicious for cow donation, read the article below for details or contact-us for further details.

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In Hinduism, donation is considered paramount. In the scriptures, helping a needy not only supports him but also increases the number of your good works. Similarly, it is considered very good to feed the animals. It has been told in the Vedas and Puranas that feeding the animals not only removes our sins but also improves the planetary defects.


  • On Monday, giving grass, food, banana, Gau Daan to the cow will cleanse us off mathru pithru Doshas.

  • On Tuesday, giving water and food to the cow will provide housing and land purchase opportunities.

  • On Wednesday, cow donation provides advancement in professional life & peace of mind. It helps in removing the ill-effects of malefic Mercury and provides blessings of Lord Buddha.

  • On Thursday, giving rice porridge to the cow removes previous birth Doshas.

  • On Friday, doing cow Puja and cow donation showers one with Sri Mahalakshmi’s blessings.

  • On Saturday, giving grass to a cow removes one from the shackles of poverty, and one will receive blessings of wealth and prosperity.


  • In the horoscope, if Venus is in its low zodiac sign or Venus is in the inauspicious house (6, 8, and 12), then by feeding a white cow, Venus’s debilitation and ill effects related to Venus ends automatically.

  • Freedom from Pitra Dosh – Pitra Dosha occurs if the conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, or Venus is with Rahu. If Pitra Dosh is present, then feeding bread, jaggery, fodder, etc., to the cow every day or Amavasya ends the Pitra Dosh.

  • If in one’s birth chart the Sun is in low zodiac-Libra or in an inauspicious position or problems are caused by Ketu, then worshipping and feeding cow eliminates these defects.

  • If a person sees nightmares, then by serving and feeding the cow, nightmares will stop appearing.

  • The hump on the cow’s back is considered ‘Jupiter.’ Therefore, if Jupiter is in its low zodiac Capricorn or in an inauspicious position in the birth chart, then one should feed the cow with bread along with jaggery and gram lentils.

  • People who feed the cow regularly or perform Gau Daan have a positive effect on their generations, and people progress a lot from generation to generation.

  • If you regularly feed the cow, then the children of your household or your coming generations get all the world’s physical comforts, and they get all kinds of benefits and virtues.

  • Feeding the cow makes all your impaired work, and you achieve success in every area of your life.

  • By cow donation, visual and invisible powers help you, and you get both cosmic and supernatural fruits.

  • The cow also has a unique role in the peace of the Navagrahas. Worshipping and feeding cows free humans from suffering.

  • Lakshmi Ji is pleased with the cow’s service and worship and gives the devotees blessings to have mental peace and happy life.

  • By feeding fodder to the cow, the person gets rid of fear and benefits from all the pilgrimages’ virtues.


The cow is significant in Hinduism. The cow is usually called Mother, and the cow is also worshiped in most places. According to religious beliefs, the cow is the only animal in which 33 crores God and goddesses reside. The meaning of feeding to the cow is that you serve thirty-three crore Gods and Goddesses. Feeding the cow is beneficial in many ways.

According to mythology, Kamdhenu (Celestial Cow) was one of the 14 gems that emerged from the ocean’s churning by gods and demons. Putting the cow symbol on the ground in the East-South-East zone gives positive results by eliminating grief, problems of mind, and anxiety. According to Vastu Shastra, a cow is kept in the home to increase happiness and good luck in the family. Establishing the emblem of a cow and its calf at home gives a worthy child, and there is a mutual love between the parents and the offspring. For concentration in studies, placing the cow symbol on the students’ study table will give good results; doing so will keep the blessings of all the deities.

Since ancient times, Gau-Dhan (Cow-Wealth) has been considered the principal wealth in India, and in every way, emphasis has been given to cow protection, cow serving, and cow rearing. In Hindu scriptures, Vedas, cases of cow protection, cow glory, cow rearing, etc., are also found. In the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, the cow is also mentioned in some form or the other. The cow is very dear to Lord Krishna. The cow is considered the symbol of the earth. All the deities reside in Gau (Cow) Mata.



The unwanted males and the old, infertile, and unproductive female cows with little utility and no monetary value to the farmers are abandoned clandestinely by their owners. With no proper mechanism for these creatures’ care, religious charities came forward and established cow protection shelters – what we today call Gaushalas. They are an Indian shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle that often also serves as a center for breed improvement and study of nutrition and welfare.

Sheltering of old, unproductive, and abandoned cows in traditional cow shelters (gaushalas) is an ancient practice in India. Gaushalas focus on treating cows well because of their religious significance in Hinduism and consequent cultural sensitivity towards their welfare. Shelters are funded by the public, businesses, corporate philanthropy, charitable societies, temple trusts, and the government. Live Online Puja takes pride in contributing their bit in this auspicious karma of cow donation.

Though Gaushalas have various purposes, their main aim is to provide shelter to abandoned cattle, improve the health of infirm, unproductive, sick cattles. Along with that, Gaushalas help in preserving the Indian breeds. Some Gaushalas are involved in upgrading the breeds and use them to supply plenty of pure indigenous milk & other products prepared, particularly from cow dung and cow urine, and provide the best female calves to the villagers. But these Gaushalas face various problems on several aspects, particularly on the economic front. Thus, it is essential to find economical ways to run and provide shelter to many animals on a sustainable basis. Thus, the significance of cow donation becomes evident.


In today’s era, the tradition of rearing and feeding cows is continuously decreasing. All persons cannot rear a cow because of various reasons like- time, space, etc. These Gaushalas provide us with means and place for worship, service, and feeding of cows, thus helping us attain our physical, mental, and spiritual desires. Donations to these Gaushalas or Gau Daan in the form of money, fodder, etc. not only provides us with an opportunity to take part in rearing and feeding cow and helps the management of Gaushalas serve these cattle in a better way.

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