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  • Maa Katyayani is worshipped on the Sixth Day of Navratri
  • Maa Katyayani helps unmarried girls to get married.
  • Katyayani Mata helps her devotees live a happy married life.
  • Mata Katyayani Puja stimulates the Ajna Chakra also known as the Third Eye Chakra of the body.
  • Watch the Puja LIVE from the comfort your home.
  • Puja will be tailored according to your needs.
  • Performed by learned Pandits based on Vedic Principles
  • Maa Katyayani is worshipped on the Sixth Day of Navratri.

  • Maa Katyayani helps unmarried girls to get married.

  • Katyayani Mata helps her devotees live a happy married life.

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Which days are best for booking the Puja?
  • Maa Katyayani Puja provides best results on the 6th Day of Navratri.
  • In 2021 6th Day of Magha Navratri falls on 17th Feb, 2021
  • In 2021, 6th Day of Chaitra Navratri falls on 17th April, 2021
  • In 2021, 6th Day of Ashadha Navratri falls on15th July, 2021
  • In 2021, 6th Day of Sharadiya Navratri falls on 11th October, 2021

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maa katyayani

The sixth form of the Maa Durga is known as ‘Maa Katyayani’. Maa Katyayani is worshiped on the sixth day of Navratri. Maa Katyayani is said to be the Goddess who destroys demons and sinful beings. Maa Katyayani destroys all diseases and fears of her devotees. The one who slaughtered the demon Mahishasura, Maa Katyayani is also called by the name ‘Mahishasura Mardini’. Maa Katyayani is considered to be the most fruitful of all forms of Maa Durga and as such is called ‘Phaladaayinee’ (giver of fruit/reward of worship). She is also called ‘Sanharini’, the Goddess who destroys demons and sinful creatures. By worshiping the Mata, her devotees receive fruitful results in the form of work and salvation. All the diseases, grief, sorrow and fear of the devotees are perished. All sins of births are also destroyed.

Appearance of Mata katyayani

The form of Maa Katyayani is grand and impressive. Her appearance is shining like gold. Goddess Katyayani has four arms. The upper hand on the right side is in the abhayamudra (gesture of fearlessness) and the lower hand is raised up to bless the devotees. There is a sword in the left hand of the Mata and a lotus flower in the lower hand. Mother Katyayani always rides on the lion.

Mata katyayani Mantras

Mata Katyayani Beej Mantra

ॐ देवी कात्यायन्यै नमः॥
Om Devi Katyayanyai Namah॥

Mata Katyayani Stuti

या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ कात्यायनी रूपेण संस्थिता।

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Katyayani Rupena Samsthita। Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah॥

Significance of worshipping maa katyayani

Devotees worship Mata Katyayani on the sixth day of Navratri. Mata Katyayani abodes the Ajna Chakra also known as the Third Eye Chakra. Slayer of demon Mahishasura (also known as Maheshasurmardini), Maa Katyayani is believed to be created by combining the energies of all the gods. She carries Lord Shiva’s Trishul, Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Brahma’s rosary and gadhvi, along with the weapons of Devtas. 

Maa Katyayani blesses her devotees with peace and happiness in family life. Also, unmarried girls are blessed with a compatible partner by worshipping Maa Katyayani. Mata Katyayani removes all the obstacles from personal lives of her devotees and indeed blesses them with love and prosperity. Maa Katyayani is considered the most granting of all the goddesses. With the worship of Maa Katyayani, every work of the devotee becomes simple and easy. Most of the obstacles and troubles of life are overcome by the worship of Maa Katyayani.

Marriage hurdles are Removed
Maa Katyayani’s worship proves to be miraculously beneficial in solving the marriage hurdles. Chanting the mantra of Katyayani Devi in the morning and evening is very beneficial for the girls whose marriage is delayed or marriage is being obstructed. This removes the marriage barrier and paves the way for marriage soon.

Diseases are Removed
If someone in your family or you or someone you know has been ill for a long time. If you are experiencing a situation where the doctors themselves are not able to catch the disease. Then worship of Maa Katyayani is the best solution for you.

Gets rid of Fear
If you are suffering with fear on any kind, if the feet start to tremble on even the smallest thing, if one is unable to take any decision then chant the mantra of Maa Katyayani in the morning and evening. You will get rid of fear.

Planetary Sufferings
If the person with malefic placement of Venus chants the mantra for Maa Katyayani and get her prayers done, then the planetary adverse effects of Venus are removed.

Sorrows of these Zodiac signs Solved
If people of Taurus and Libra worship the Maa Katyayani, then their entire problems will be solved.

By worshiping Maa Katyayani, all the troubles are destroyed. Maa Katyayani is the destroyer of demons and sinners. The worship of Maa Katyayani brings strength within the devotee and the seeker received all the supernatural splendor this world has to offer.

maa katyayani aarti

जय जय अम्बे जय कात्यायनी। जय जग माता जग की महारानी॥
बैजनाथ स्थान तुम्हारा। वहावर दाती नाम पुकारा॥
कई नाम है कई धाम है। यह स्थान भी तो सुखधाम है॥
हर मन्दिर में ज्योत तुम्हारी। कही योगेश्वरी महिमा न्यारी॥
हर जगह उत्सव होते रहते। हर मन्दिर में भगत है कहते॥
कत्यानी रक्षक काया की। ग्रंथि काटे मोह माया की॥
झूठे मोह से छुडाने वाली। अपना नाम जपाने वाली॥
बृहस्पतिवार को पूजा करिए। ध्यान कात्यानी का धरिये॥
हर संकट को दूर करेगी। भंडारे भरपूर करेगी॥
जो भी माँ को भक्त पुकारे। कात्यायनी सब कष्ट निवारे॥

Maa katyayani Katha

According to the legend, Maharishi Katyayan had done severe penance of Mata Adishakti. Pleased with his penance, Mata gave him the boon that Maa would be born as his daughter in her next birth on earth. Goddess Katyayani was then born in the ashram of Maharishi Katyayan to overcome the distress of the gods and sages. Maharishi Katyayan raised the Goddess with love and affection. Maa Katyayani came to the earth to stop the ill-doings of the demon Mahishasura. When the tyranny of the demon named Mahishasura greatly increased with the blessings and wepons of Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, Maa Katyayni slayed Mahishasura.
Maa Katyayani went to Vindhya Mountains where Mahishasura lived and after a fierce battle between them Maa Katyayani slaughtered Mahishasura and liberated the gods from the atrocities of Mahishasura. After Mahishasura, the Asuras (demons) named Shumbha and Nishumbha in their pride of demonic force took away the kingdom and treasury of the three worlds of Indra. The demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha took the Devas as hostages. Maa Katyayani slayed both the demons and liberated the Devtas. Maa Katyayani was born as a warrior to put an end to the evil spirits. She is as refulgent as a thousand suns. Listening to her Katha takes away all the sufferings of her devotees.

How to worship Mata katyayani at home?

On the sixth day of Durga Puja start the worship with establishing the Kalash. Take flowers in your hands and chanting the mantra- ‘om kaatyaayinee devye namah’ and place the flowers at the feet of Maa Katyayani. After this, offer red clothes, 3 turmeric lumps, nutmeg, yellow flowers, fruits, etc. to Maa Katyayani. Along with Maa Katyayani, Lord Shiva should also be worshiped. Things which are loved by Lord Shiva should be offered to Maa Katyayani. On this day honey should be used in Prasad. To please Maa Katyayani, one should donate jaggery and wear orange color clothes. One must hear and recite Maa Katyayani’s Katha. The eleventh chapter of Durga Saptashati should also be recited. Perform Aarti and distribute Prasad.

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