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A temple is a sacred place for worship where the hopes, faith, and dreams of millions lie. It is an everyday affair for the people to walk up to their place of worship in hopes of receiving a glimpse of their deity. The God who is the creator of this universe is the one and ultimate source for peace, and divinity for all of us. India is a land with its beliefs and values deep rooted in religion. Thus, there is an equivalent presence of Temples all over the country. We can find temples with different architecture and styles all over the country. The temples are designed with architectural carvings so beautiful that one cannot help but feel in awe. People from all over the world come to these temples in search of faith, peace of mind, and blessings of their gods. Each and every temple has its own unique history behind its formation. From the long list of beautiful temples, some that hold an immense significance include:

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

This temple is located in Gujarat. The Somnath temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas in India. The meaning of Somnath is Lord of Moon. This temple is of Somnath, who was called Shrilingeshwar in Dwaparyug Shravanikeshwar in Treta Yug and Bhairaveshwar in Sat Yug. This temple is an important tourist and religious site due to its extraordinary architecture and religious significance.


Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Located in the ancient city of Varanasi, Kashi Vishwanath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kashi Vishwanath temple temple is considered one of the holiest temples in India. The Lord Shiva idol in the temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas.  Jyotirlingas are the holy temples where Lord Shiva appeared in the form of fiery light. 

The other jyotirlingas are namely: Grishneshwar at Aurangabad, Rameshwar at Rameswaram, Nageswar at Dwarka, VaidyanathJyotirlinga at Deoghar, Triambakeshwar and Bhimashankar in Maharashtra, Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh, Mallikarjuna at Srisailam, Mahakaleswar at Ujjain and Somnath in Gujarat.


Akshardham, New Delhi

This temple is Located in Delhi. The Akshardham temple is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to Swaminarayan. This temple was built recently based on India’s ancient architecture, culture spirituality and tradition. The meaning of Akshardham is abode of God. This temple is a spiritual-cultural campus of learning, devotion and harmony.


Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu and Kashmir

Vaishno devi temple is located in the Trikuta Mountains of Katra which is in Jammu and Kashmir. Vaishno devi temple is one of the holiest sites in India. It has the unique quality of being a cave temple as well. This temple is the most visited temple in India by the worshippers every year.

Vaishno devi is another form of Devi Mahalakshmi who is also known as Vaishnavi, Trikuta and Mata Rani. To reach the temple, devotees have to walk a long way up the Trikuta Mountains which is 12 km long walk. The holy cave of the temple contains three rock stones which are known as Pindies. There are three Pindies which represent the three forms of Vaishno Devi including Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Kali.

It is a popular belief that Maa Vaishno Devi takes the decision of who will come to her and thus she calls them. The common belief says that only that who is called, can reach the Vaishno Devi temple.

Vaishnu, Vaishno Devi Temple
Nikhilchandra81, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Jagannath Temple, Odisha

This temple is located in Odisha.The Jagannath temple was built by Raja Deva to mark the shifting of his capital to Odisha from south. This temple is of Krishna’s form of Jagannath. It is one of the Char Dhams of India and is located on Nilgiri Hill. This temple is famous for its yearly Ratha Yatra, which attracts Hindu devotees each year. It is believed that goddess Lakshmi supervise the preparation of the mahaprasad of this temple.


Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya. The Kamakhya temple is popular attraction of Assam and one of the temples in India. This temple is located at Nilachal Hill in the city of Guwahati in Assam. It is an important site, especially for the worshippers. This temple is among 51 shakti pithas, which are considered divine spot of goddess Shakti. As the legend says, Devi Sati’s father Daksh invited all the gods except Shiva for his yagya but still Devi Sati went there. When she reached there, Daksh did not give respect to Devi Sati and also insulted Lord Shiva, to which she got angry and burnt herself with her internal fire. When Lord Shiva got to know about this, he performed a tandav and various body parts of Sati fell on earth at different places which are known as shakti pithas. Kamakhya temple is where her yoni fell. As per the purana, the temple is located at the place where Sati spent time with Shiva. 


Tirupati Balaji Temple, Andhra Pradesh

The Venkateshwara Swamy Temple or Tirupati Balaji temple is one of the most visited temples in India by many devotees every year. This temple is also called the Temple of Seven Hills as it is located on the seventh peak of the Tirumala hills. This temple is dedicated to Venkateshwara, a form of Vishnu. This temple was built under Krishnadeva Raya and also has Dravidian architectural style. The Tirupati Balaji temple is the second richest temple in India because of the amount of donation which is received from its devotees.

Triputi Balaji Temple Andhra Pradesh

Siddivinayak Temple, Maharashtra

This temple is dedicated to Ganesha. The Siddhivinayak temple is the most famous temple in Maharashtra. This temple is located in Prabha Devi. Siddhivinayak sees a lot number of devotees on Tuesday. This temple remains open on all days throughout the year. The Siddhivinayak temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra. The other seven temples are situated in different parts of the state. Siddhivinayak is also known as Navasacha Ganapati or Navasala Pavanara Ganapati.


Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

This temple is located in Bihar. The Mahabodhi temple is known to be a Buddhist temple and a UNESCO World Heritage. It is most revered site for people who follow Buddhism. People following Buddhism believe that it is the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.