Maa Kali Puja & Homam to Block Negative Energies & Evil Forces

Maa Kali Puja & Anushthan
  • Maa Kali is the fiercest and the strongest Goddess, and the source of all Mantras and Tantrik Vidya. 

  • Kali Puja protects one from all the negative energies and evil forces by forming a strong layer of protection around the devotee. 

  • All the Black Magic, negative energy, evil eye, and vengeful forces are blocked with Maa Kali Puja & Homam. 

  • We would perform an elaborate Kali Puja for you, to rid you from all the negative forces working against you.

  • Watch the Puja LIVE, performed by learned Pandits and based on Vedic Principles

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Maa Kali is the supreme Shakti (power) and the most prominent of the Ten Mahavidyas mentioned in Ancient Hindu Tantra texts. Just as Lord Shiva is the God of the destruction, similarly, the female counterpart of destruction is Maa Kali. At the time of the slaughter of Shumbha-Nishumbh, sharp beams radiated out of Maa Durga’s body. As a result, her complexion turned black, and from then on, she was called Maa Kali. Maa Kali is also known as Kalratri, Mahakali, Mahamaya, Bhadrakali, Bhairavi, Rudrani, Chamunda, Chandi, Raudri and Dhumorna Devi.
Worship of Kali Maa results in the destruction of negative energies and fear, diseases are destroyed, and good health is achieved, Maa Kali provides protection, and you gain control over your enemies. Her worship eliminates all the effects of the Tantra Mantra. Night-time is the appropriate time to worship Maa Kali. Maa Kali’s worship helps to calm the malefic planets, especially Rahu and Ketu, Saturn.


नमः ऐं क्रीं क्रीं कालिकायै स्वाहा ||

Namah Aim Kreem Kreem Kaalikaayai Svaaha ||

काली महाकाली कालिके परमेश्वरी ।
सर्वानन्दकरी देवी नारायणि नमोस्तुते ।।

Kali Mahakali Kalike Parmeshwari |

Sarvanandakari Devi Narayaṇi Namostute ||

Kali Puja

Surajmondol, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


• All Negative Energies and evil forces are removed with Maa Kali Puja & Homam. The worshipers of Kali remain protected from Black magic, sorcery, ghosts, and evil energies. The destroyer of demons and evil, Maa Kali destroys all the negativity surrounding you. Your enemies are burned by the divine force of Goddess Kali.

• Devi Kali is the most ferocious form of Maa Shakti and is associated with Planet Saturn (Shani). Saturn often becomes the source of negativities and instabilities in personal, commercial, and legal matters. Kali Puja eliminates the ill-effects of Saturn and negative energies such as evil spirits.

• Kali Maa Puja helps those suffering from any negativities and challenging life circumstances.

• This Puja is especially beneficial for those facing disputes arising from multiple areas of their lives and due to more than one envious people.

• Kaali Mata Homam is the solution to all problems relating to financial debts or financial losses and eliminates the troubles of business. The Puja eliminates unemployment problems and failure in career and higher education.

• Mata Kali’s Puja and blessings has the power to eliminate long-standing diseases and diseases that appear to be impossible to cure.

• The adverse affects of diseases and Health Problems related to the bones are minimized with Kali Puja and Homam.


Maa Kali’s appearance is full of aggression and fierceness. She has raised eyebrows, and her color is very dark, like the dense darkness. Her thick dark black curly hair is scattered, and she wears a garland of severed demons’ heads around her neck. Maa Kali has four hands and three fierce eyes. The fiery flames continue to come out of her nose. She holds a Khadga (crescent-shaped sword). Maa Kali’s right hand is in the Abhaya (fearlessness) Mudra, which protects the world, while the other hand is in the Varada (blessing) Mudra which signifies her motherly love and blessings to her devotees. Maa Kali holds the severed head of a demon in one of her hands and a bowl collecting the severed head’s blood in another in some of her depictions.
This form of the Mata is a symbol of the slaughter of Raktabeej. When Kaal Mata killed the demon Raktabeej, she collected his blood and drank it in the bowl she holds. Kali Mata is often depicted as standing with her right foot on Shiva’s chest with her tongue coming out. After killing the demon Raktabeej, Kali became out of control on the battlefield, and with her anger, she was about to destroy the entire universe. Then Lord Shiva had to lie under her feet to calm her down. Kali calmed down and took her tongue out of shame of stepping on her husband Lord Shiva’s chest by mistake.
The Murti or Idol of Maa Kali & Puja

Royavirup28, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Mahakali has been called the incarnation of Maa Durga, and many beliefs related to her incarnation on earth are prevalent.

According to one belief, when Maa Durga was at war with a demon named Mahishasura, she became so angry that flames came out from her forehead. From these flames appeared the formidable shakti (power) called Mahakali Mata. Mahakali killed all the demons by slaying their heads. She then consumed their blood and hung the heads of demons around her neck.

According to the second belief, Maa Ambika created Kaal Maa to kill the demons terrorizing earth. After being incarnated, Maa Kali killed the two demons named Chand and Mund. After killing these two demons, Maa Kali had to fight with the army of the demon Emperor named Raktabeej. Every drop of blood of Raktabeej produced another Raktabeej, so his army was continuously increasing. To kill Raktabeej, Mahakali drank every drop of blood in his body and consumed all his replicas. After killing Raktabeej, Maa Kali began to perform Tandav in anger, and Lord Shiva had to lie under her feet to calm her down. Kali Maa became calm right that instance and took her tongue out of which had become red with blood.
The Murti or Idol of Maa Kali & Puja


• Mother Kali is worshiped in two ways – general worship and tantra worship. Anyone can perform the regular Puja, but one must only perform the Tantra Puja with the guidance and instructions of a Guru. Midnight is the best time to worship Maa Kali.

• Red and black items are offered to Kali Maa as they hold a special significance in her worship. Mata is also fond of sweet paan (Betel) and sweets in general, so offer them on either a Tuesday or Friday.

• Reciting Maa Kaali Mantra daily, preferably at night, with complete devotion and concentration pleases Maa Kali. Mata always protects her devotees and destroys their enemies.

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