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Weekly Zodiac Predictions | Live Online Puja

Aries predictions weekly horoscope

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Lucky # of the week: 15
Lucky Color: Cream

• This week is likely to fetch you mixed results on your career front.

• This time would be favourable in terms of love relations.

• Students need to focus hard on their studies and avoid being overconfident.

• Miscommunication with your business associate or partner may give you stress.

• You are likely to plan for a long tour to a foreign country due to a new business proposition.

• Good returns from the past investment made in the real estate sector are foreseen.

• This week may be profitable for those dealing in gold and gems.

• There may be minor health issues; hence keep a check on cold and fever.

Taurus predictions weekly horoscope

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Lucky # of the week: 1
Lucky Color: Light Blue

• A super exciting love life, especially for the newlyweds, is foreseen.

• Abstain from getting into petty interactions as they may give you stress.

• You may take calculated risks in your office.

• You have the favour of your luck, but patience and hard work are needed to get the desired outcome.

• You may receive a relationship proposal from your hometown.

• Money and financial matters may also remain average.

• Individuals handling some legal matters associated with their family may fail to get the desired outcome.

Gemini predictions weekly horoscope

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Lucky # of the week: 22
Lucky Color: Turquoise

• Married people are likely to enjoy an energetic week together.

• Families may conduct auspicious functions or cheer to celebrate their children’s success at home.

• You may finally have to go for the trip that you were postponing for quite some time.

• Persons in search of a job may get a few offers this week.

• Profits from the real estate sector may boost your plan to invest in a bigger property.

• This week has several romantic opportunities on the cards for you.

• For married couples, you may have the golden opportunity to spend extra time with your spouse.

• This week is likely to demand more patience from you in your professional life. It is advisable to focus on your tasks.

• Focus and ensure that you prepare well for the entrance test with sincerity and dedication.

cancer predictions weekly horoscope

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Lucky # of the week: 15
Lucky Color: Red

• This week your love life is likely to remain successful.

• This seems to be a favourable phase for attending social events and creating new contacts.

• There may be some issues in your health this week.

• Your career may gain good momentum during the week.

• Business people are likely to strike a great and profitable deal.

• This time deems it favourable to initiate and execute that long thought plan for growing your financial possibilities.

• Students are likely to be highly focused, which may help them make a good impact on academic groups.

• Avoid rushing into an investment in real estate.

leo predictions weekly horoscope

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 23)

Lucky # of the week: 11
Lucky Color: Orange

• You may need to be conscious of a problem in your business partnership.

• Achievement on the work front will enhance your reputation.

• Singles who are in love may be able to impress their significant one successfully.

• There are good chances that your fitness levels and vitality would remain fine during this week.

• This period may need you to be patient to abstain from petty issues in your office.

• Students would be able to finish their pending projects or assignment.

• You may be interested in adopting new strategies to grow your financial prospects this week.

• Carefully go through the documents before making any investments this week.

virgo predictions weekly horoscope

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)

Lucky #: 11
Lucky Color: Yellow

• Luck is on the cards for you this week, indicating a better time for your career prospects.

• You may enjoy some thrilling moments in your love life during the week.

• It may work wonders for you to keep your immediate seniors pleased, so keep doing hard work and enhance your performance.

• You may come across lucrative opportunities for financial earnings.

• Circumstances may bring up expenses suddenly. It would be best if you keep some savings for any unplanned expenses.

• Students must make the best efforts to maintain the speed in studies throughout this week.

• There are chances of some fluctuations in health, mainly due to little stress and emotional exhaustion.

libra predictions weekly horoscope

Libra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)

Lucky # of the week: 2
Lucky Color: Pink

• This week will remain average on the financial front.

• It is advisable to spend enough time with your beloved so that they can feel intimate with you and take the opportunity to understand you.

• Your health would remain average for this week.

• You are likely to suffer from blood-related issues or other ailments during this phase. It is advisable to abstain from eating spicy food.

• Some of you may also get a transfer to their desired place at this time.

• Dealers can generate good profit in business during this week. The persons into real estate or garment business, semi-technical and information technology fields may also gain a fair amount of profits.

• Students may not feel satisfied with their preparation academically

Scorpio predictions weekly horoscope

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Lucky #: 15
Lucky Color: Crimson

• Avoid being carefree while dealing with crucial problems and matters this week.

• On the career front, the week would be rewarding for you and boost gains.

• There may be a sudden increase in your earnings, enhancing your overall income this week.

• Postpone your plans to purchase a property or a vehicle for some other week.

• Learning deems beneficial for the students who were working hard to improve their scores.

• This week will be favourable in terms of health.

• Married couples may get into some silly disagreements.

• There are indications of you landing in a romantic relationship, as an exciting person may draw your attention.

sagittarius predictions weekly horoscope

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Lucky # of the week: 3
Lucky Color: Turquoise

• The week may be encouraging for a trip to a new place such as forests or hill stations.

• Your expenses may increase gradually, and you may not like it.

• A favourable week for married people and those in a romantic relationship.

• Those involved in legal hustle should be patient and relax for the time being.

• Allergy may trouble some of you this week.

• Your dedication and efforts in boosting your career through different means would not only encourage you but also allow you to improve your professional status.

• Students are advised to work hard and avoid taking any shortcuts as they can turn to be risky.

Capricorn predictions weekly horoscope

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

Lucky # of the week: 9
Lucky Color: Magenta

• Singles out there may find their soulmate and have a beautiful time together.

• There might be a lack of needed appreciation from your seniors, but don’t get demotivated.

• Work-life may bring difficult circumstances where you may lose some comforts.

• There can be a golden opportunity of securing your admission to a foreign institute for higher studies.

• Medical and engineering students may find it tough to get a seat in the institute they desire.

• This week deems beneficial for your financial matters and monetary gains.

• Chances of an increase in expenses are there while spending on household or luxury items. However, money would be abundant.

Aquarius predictions weekly horoscope

Aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

Lucky # of the week: 6
Lucky Color: Crimson

• On the career front, the week may prove to be encouraging and improve gains.

• There may be a sudden increase in your earnings, improving your financial condition.

• You may remain worried about the pending cases in the court.

• If you are eligible for marriage, then there are signs of a favorable life partner.

• The week will have good opportunities for investment and good growth in foreign work.

• Married couples may get into some petty conflicts.

• Students in higher studies or getting ready for competitive exams will be encouraged to study heavily.

• Please don’t take your senior’s suggestion as an offense, but use it to better your work.

Pisces predictions weekly horoscope

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Lucky # of the week: 17
Lucky Color: Lavender

• Sudden arguments with your bosses may cause stress.

• The business may also suffer from some loss. Avoid any significant changes in your business plan.

• You may strike a deal with a foreign client but be cautious.

• Home renovation or buying land may incur some expenses.

• Be careful about making any major investment in real estate.

• Avoid being ego-driven or argumentative in your love life, as it may bring distance in the relationship.

• Singles may get marriage proposals.

• Students may face disruptions in their studies due to family responsibility or health concerns.

• You may experience indigestion or other health issues.