Lunar Eclipse Online Puja

Lunar Eclipse Puja
  • Lunar Eclipse Puja is done for Chandra Dev (Moon) specifically for you.

  • Puja includes Sankalp, Kalash Sthapana, Chandra Dev Pujan, Hanuman Chalisa Pujan.

  • Puja done on Lunar Eclipse provides immense benefit to devotees. They are blessed with positivity, peace of mind, emotional stability, and prosperity.

  • We would perform an elaborate Puja for you based on our Shastras.

  • Watch the Puja LIVE from the comfort your home and enjoy your Big Day.

  • Performed by learned Pandits based on Vedic Principles

$101 USD

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What are the next steps after Booking?
  • You will receive an email confirming your booking & asking more details for the Puja.

  • We will email you a private link for the Puja, which you will be able to use to watch it Live.

  • Feel free to share the link with family & friends.
Which days are best for booking the Puja?
  • As the name suggests, the Puja is done on Lunar Eclipse. Please contact us to get dates and auspicious timings for the Puja day.

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Lunar Eclipse Puja Online

What is Lunar Eclipse?

It is an astronomical event which occurs when Sun and Moon are diagonally aligned opposite to earth. The moon comes within the earth’s shadow. In penumbral lunar eclipse, Earth blocks Sun’s light to reach Moon by covering it with its shadow.

Beliefs regarding eclipse

It is believed that moon gathers malefic powers during eclipse period and auspicious things are avoided during this period.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid using sharp objects as knives and scissors.

To lessen the effects of Chandra graham (Lunar eclipse)

– Fasting

– Hanuman Puja

– Lord Shiva prayers

– Offer Kheer to young girls

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

On November 30th moon would be in Gemini Rashi and thus the effect on various zodiac signs would be as follows

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Aries

Focus on your communication this lunar eclipse. Be wise with your words and pay attention to the words of others. It’s all about the play of words this lunar eclipse.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Taurus

Emotional disturbances may trouble you mind, if you let the moon effect you. Meditate a while and give yourself some alone time to maintain the peace of mind that you need.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Gemini

It is a good idea to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Save both your money and your emotions. Focus your feelings towards self-love and self-care before you spend it all.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Cancer

Professional life can suffer if you don’t pay attention. Loss of opportunities and disappointments may be in the cards. Don’t allow these disturbances to affect your health and emotions. You would come out stronger.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Leo

It’s time to socialize but the right way. It’s time to let go of friends that are enemies in disguise and form a circle you can trust. Improve who you are with to achieve what you want to be. Arguments might lead you to break off the normal circle. Overall, you would be more energized and your actions would reflect that.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Virgo

Eclipse could lead you to take rash decisions which could result in financial or emotional loss. But, a little patience would go a long way and things would turn out to be positive if you take charge of your emotions.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Libra

It’s time to go on new journeys and embark on new ventures. Short travel could prove beneficial. You can make the most of this lunar eclipse, if you play your cards right. Analyze the situation from all sides and widen your perspective for an increased chance of success.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Scorpio

Financial success awaits you. New opportunities will knock your door if you play your cards right. Avoid argumentations and fights with your partner to ensure a positive mindset required for the success.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse -Sagittarius

There may be unwanted conflicts with people who are not on your good books. But, luck would support you if you stand your ground. Speak aloud whatever needs to be said and you would soon experience new developments.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Capricorn

It would be a good time for emotions and romance. But, make sure to pay attention to your health. Focus and perseverance will result in success where you least expect it.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Aquarius

It’s a good idea to revisit deep buried emotions rather than embark on new ones. Let your creativity flow and fall deep into the rivers of thoughts that would provide you with the answers you have been seeking.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Pisces

New paths may open for you and new opportunities await. Effective use of communication can result in long desired victories. Emotions would be high, make sure to have an Anker to help channel them in the right direction. It is believed that moon gathers malefic powers during eclipse period and auspicious things are avoided during this period.

Our highly experienced Pandits (Acharayas) will perform a live Lunar Eclipse Online Puja. You will also become a part of the Puja online. You will be able to see a live Lunar Eclipse Puja Online, performed specifically for you. Lunar Eclipse Puja online will include your photo, name, birth details, and would be tailored specifically for you. The Puja is performed according to the guidelines prescribed by our ancient sages and Vedic literature using authentic materials (Samagri). The team of Live Online Puja ensures that your Puja is performed by learned Indian Pandits, with the help of a click and in the comfort of your home. Bring this auspiciousness and good luck into your life right now, for a better tomorrow.

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