Guru Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja & Homam | Live Online Puja

Guru Chandal Yog Dosha Nivaran Puja
  • Guru Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja & Homam for removing the negative effects of Guru Chandal Yoga in Kundali.

  • Guru Chandal Yoga Puja & Homam brings prosperity, and peace to the devotees.

  • We would perform an elaborate Homam for you based on our Shastras, to rid you from the ill-effects of a malefic placements of Jupiter, Rahu, & Ketu.

  • Watch the Puja LIVE from the comfort your home.

  • Performed by learned Pandits based on Vedic Principles

$251 USD

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What are the next steps after Booking?
  • You will receive an email confirming your booking & asking more details for the Puja.

  • We will email you a private link for the Puja, which you will be able to use to watch it Live.

  • Feel free to share the link with family & friends.
How long will the Puja be?
  • The Guru Chandal Dosha Puja & Homam, will take approximately 2 hours to complete as it is an intensive Puja and constitutes of multiple steps
Which days are best for booking the Puja?
  •  Guru Chandal Yoga Puja provides most auspicious results when performed on Thursdays. Please contact us to get auspicious timings for the Puja day.

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Guru Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja & Homam
When Rahu or Ketu is with the Jupiter (Guru) it is called Guru Chandal Dosha, or Guru Chandal Yoga.  The planet Jupiter has a vital role in creating this Yoga in the birth chart. This combination can be placed in any house of the Horoscope; the effects and problems are different depending on this combination’s placement in the Horoscope. The results are also heavily dependent on Jupiter’s strength. In some instances, the conjunction of Guru (Jupiter) and beneficial Ketu becomes auspicious, which is called Ganesh Yoga. 
Negative Effects of Guru Chandal Yoga
  • Problems in getting completion of education.

  • Issues in getting through competitive exams.

  • Not getting promotions in jobs and career growth.

  • Loss of employment or jealousy in the workplace.

  • Conflict with family members.

  • Malefic Jupiter can lead to health issues like high blood pressure, Jaundice, Liver problems, Asthma, constipation, and obesity.

  • The native becomes arrogant and stubborn and fights with family members and colleagues.

  • It can make the person have unethical and immoral behavior, leading to legal issues.
Effects of Guru Chandal Dosha in Different Houses
  • The native will become selfish and greedy in the First House, with almost no interest in spirituality. However, in the case of strong Jupiter, the native can be wise and grounded.

  • Weak Jupiter in the Second House can bring losses and result in family disputes.

  • Third house dosha can make the person take bold risks, often failing at them.

  • If the placement is in the Fourth House, the native’s overall happiness becomes affected if Jupiter is malefic.

  • In the Fifth House, a malefic Jupiter causes problems related to children.

  • If Mars is afflicting Jupiter in the Sixth House, the person is not a firm believer of his/her religion.

  • Guru Chandal Dosha makes the person have issues in the married life if placed in the Seventh House.

  • A malefic Jupiter in the Eighth House can bring Accidents, Surgeries during Jupiter Dasha or Antardasha.

  • Ninth house with afflicted Jupiter results in native having several hurdles in progress, and the relation with the father may not be good.

  • Tenth House Guru Chandal Yoga will make the person arrogant, and he would not be caring for others.

  • In the Eleventh House, Guru Chandal Yog brings a lot of material success from varied sources.

  • In the Twelfth House, this Yoga results in a native disregarding his family’s decisions and beliefs.

Our highly experienced Pandits (Acharayas) will perform a live Guru Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja. You will also become a part of the Puja online. You will be able to see a live Guru Chandal Dosha Puja Online, performed specifically for you. Guru Chandal Yoga Puja online will include your photo, name, birth details, and would be tailored specifically for you. The Puja is performed according to the guidelines prescribed by our ancient sages and Vedic literature using authentic materials (Samagri).The team of Live Online Puja ensures that your Guru Chandal Yoga Puja is performed by learned Indian Pandits, with the help of a click and in the comfort of your home. Bring this auspiciousness and good luck into your life right now, for a better tomorrow.

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