Ganpati Homam, & Puja | Homam for Lord Ganesha

Ganpati Homam
  • Ganpati Homam, & Puja includes invoking the God of Fire & giving Ahuti to please Sri Ganesha.

  • Ganpati Homam brings prosperity, good luck, & good health to your life. The Homam is recommended before beginning or undertaking any new venture.

  • Start your new journey with the blessings of Sri Ganesha to ensure a positive beginning, peace, & happiness in your new venture.

  • We would perform an elaborate Ganpati Homam for you based on Vedic Principles.

  • Watch the Ganpati Puja & Homam LIVE, performed by learned Pandits based on Vedic Principles.

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Lord Ganpati is the Lord of all ‘ganas’ and is known as ‘vigna nivaraka,’ remover of all obstacles. This Homam is performed at the start of building a new house, starting a new business, or before starting any good activity. Ganpati Homam is conducted to achieve happiness, good health, and prosperity in life.
Lord Ganpati is also known as Ganesh, Vigneshwar, Vinayaka, etc. Lord Ganesha is invoked on all auspicious occasions and festivals before starting any work or Puja or any Homam or havan.

Ganpati Homam is performed for the attainment of happiness, prosperity, and good health. Any person who wants to pray to GodGod to remove any obstacle in any of their plans/work/business/work can pray to Lord Ganesha to be victorious in his deeds. Ganpati Homam can be performed to please Ketu, and hence anyone who has Ketu Dosha or wants to please Ketu can participate in Homam.

At the beginning of anything afresh, Ganesh Homam is a must. Ganpati Homam is recommended if one is suffering from loss in a new business or investment or when one is not getting married, or to remove obstacles or to celebrate their child’s birthday. Ganpati or Ganesha, the Lord of Ganas, is the elephant god, represents the supreme power that removes all obstacles and ensures success in one’s endeavors. Lord Ganesha is revered as the son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati and is always honored in most worship services and rituals. 

Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganpati, Vigneshwar, Vinayaka, Gajmukh, and Ankaran. He is worshiped for accomplishment, success in undertakings and wisdom, intelligence. He is worshiped before starting any venture. Lord Ganpati is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and the fine arts. Lord Ganesha is also one of the five deities popularized by Adi Shankaracharya. The worship of these five deities is called Panchayatan Homam. In some cases, the sixth deity, Skanda, is also worshipped.

The big head of the elephant of Lord Ganpati is a symbol of wisdom, understanding, and judicious intelligence, which one must have in order to attain perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life in the world. Big ears signify that a perfect person is one who has a great ability to listen to others and assimilate ideas. The trunk belongs to the power of the human mind, which must be strong enough to withstand the ups and downs of the outer world and yet delicate enough to explore the subtle regions of the inner world. The two teeth represent two aspects of the human personality, wisdom, and emotion. The right tooth represents wisdom; the left tooth represents emotion. The broken left tooth expresses the idea that feelings must be conquered by wisdom in order to attain perfection. All these attributes symbolized by the parts of the body of Lord Ganesha can be attained by performing Ganpati Homam.


Who Should Perform Ganpati Homam?

It is customary to perform Ganesh Homam for seeking his blessings before starting any new endeavor or undertaking any new venture or making a new beginning. People seeking the success of any business, work-life, student life, marriage, Housewarming (Griha-Pravesh), and even Naming ceremonies (Naamkaran) should perform Ganpati Homam.

People who are specifically affected by Ketu Dosha benefit from the Homam. Lord Ganesha is the planetary deity of Ketu. Hence, one should perform the Ganpati Homam to please Lord Ganesha and to remove the malefic effects of the Doshas related to Ketu Dev. 

Which Day Is Good for Performing Ganpati Homam?

Ideal days to perform Ganpati Homam: The days of Chaturthi of every month and Vinayaka Chaturthi / Ganesh Chaturthi are considered highly auspicious days. Tritiya of Navratri is a great time to perform Homam. Performing Ganpati Homam before starting any new business or new ventures is considered to be the most auspicious day. Performing the Homam on these days is believed to bestow prosperity, health, and wealth.

There are some exceptions when a specific time is chosen by the astrologer to suit the particular purpose. For Customized Ganpati Homam, please contact us.

When Should Ganpati Homam Be Performed?

Ganesh Homam should be performed early in the morning, and Poornahuthi is offered during sunrise.

How Is Ganpati Homam Performed?

By offering veneration to Lord Ganpati, the confidence and courage get a boost to carry out the task to resounding success. Ganpati Homam should be performed by fully qualified and experienced Vedic Pandits and Purohits familiar with the complex ‘Vedic’ procedures and adhering to traditions. It is recommended to perform this Ganpati Homam if you are experiencing hurdles hampering progress and seeing obstructions in your path.


Anujana – Mantra for seeking cooperation and permission from Lord Ganesha and other deities to perform Homam.

Achamanam – This process involves sipping holy water for internal purification of body and soul sprinkle water on oneself.

Vighneshwar Puja – Puja involves worshiping Lord Ganesha and requesting him to remove all obstacles in worship.

Pranayama and Sankalpa – This includes taking a resolution to please Lord Ganpati.

Kalasha Puja – Worship of a brass, mud, or copper pot filled with water with Mango leaves placed on the mouth and a coconut placed over it.

Navagraha Puja – Worship of all nine planets of the Vedic or Hindu astrology.

Agni Pratishthan – Fire should be started with camphor inside the Havan Kund.

Priests make initial offerings in the Havan Kund with the invocation of the Lord. Then he chants several Lord Ganpati mantras in front of the kund. Purnahuti is followed by the ritual of Udvasana (the end of the ritual).


1) Turmeric Powder/ Haldi / Arishina – 100 g

2) Kumkum / Kumkuma – 1 Packet

3) Sandal Wood Paste /Powder / srigandha– 1 Packet

4) Agarbathi(Incense Sticks) / Oodinakaddi– 1 Packet

5) Camphor / karpura – 1 Packet

6) Beetle Leaves / Veelyadele – Approx. 30 leaves

7) Flowers – 4 Bunches

8) Fruits – Bananas and five other Varieties

9) Coconuts 

10) Rice – 2.5 kg

11) Kalasa Vasthram – 1 Towel or 2 Yards Fabric

12) Rice Poha (Beaten Rice)/ Avalakki – 1 Packet

13) Honey/ Jenutuppa – 1 Small Bottle

14) Ghee/ Tuppa – 500 g

15) Dates (Karjur)/ Kahrjura/uttutte – 1 Packet

16) Coins (Quarters) – 20

17) Dried Half Coconut/ Kobbari (Copra) – 5 Nos

18) Naivedyams – Devotee’s Choice

19) Sugar Candy (Misri)/ Kallusakkare – 1 Packet


The Famous Ganpati Mantra For Removal Every Obstacle And To Achieve Wealth, Wisdom, Good Luck, Prosperity And Success In All The Endeavors.

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ॥

Vakratund Mahakaya Suryakoti Samprabh

Nirvighnan Kuru Me Dev Sarvakaaryeshu Sarvada

Ganesh Gayatri Mantra that Encourages Modesty, Righteousness, And High-End Wisdom
ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्धमहे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दन्ति प्रचोदयात्॥

Om Ekadantay Viddhamahe, Vakratundaya Dheemah, Tanno Danti Prachodayat.

Basic Ganpati Mantra for Warding Off all The Negativities From One’s Life Before Beginning Any Work.
ॐ गं गणपतये नमः
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Ganesha Mantra to Get Rid Of Financial Crisis and Eliminate Increasing Debt
ॐ वक्रतुंडाय हुम्।
Om Vakratundaya Hum.
Mantra For The Destruction Of Poverty For Strong Chances Of Getting Wealth of Ganapati.
।। ॐ गं लक्ष्म्यौ आगच्छ आगच्छ फट् ।।
Om Gan Lakshmyau Aagachchh Aagachchh Phat
Ganpati Mantra To Succeed In Court Case
।। ॐ वर वरदाय विजय गणपतये नमः ।।
Om Var Varadaay Vijay Ganapataye Namah
Ganpati Mantra for All-Round Welfare
ॐ हुं गं ग्लौं हरिद्रा गणपत्ये वरद वरद सर्वजन हृदये स्तम्भय स्वाहा
Om Hun Gang Glam Haridra Ganpatye Varad Varad Sarvajan Hridaye Stambhaya Swaha
Ganpati Mantra for removal of Turmoil at Home
ॐ ग्लौं गं गणपतये नमः
Om Glaun Gan Ganapataye Namah
Lord Ganesha Mantra to Remove Obstacles And Problems Related To Business And For Continuous Progress In Business
ॐ गणेश महालक्ष्म्यै नमः
Om Ganesh Mahaalakshmyai Namah
Lord Ganesha Mantra for getting relief from incurable Diseasess
ॐ गं रोग मुक्तये फट्
Om Gan Rog Muktaye Phat
Lord Ganesha Mantra for getting a child
गं गणपत्ये पुत्र वरदाय नमः
Gana Ganapatye Putra Varadaya Namah
Lord Ganesha Mantra for removal of Debt
ॐ श्री गणेश ऋण छिन्धि वरेण्य हुं नमः फट

Om Shree Ganesh Rin Chhindhi Vareny Hun Namah Phat

Ganpati Mantra to Get Victory In Debate, Court And To Get Rid Of Enemy Fear

ॐ गं गणपतये सर्वविघ्न हराय सर्वाय 

सर्वगुरवे लम्बोदराय ह्रीं गं नमः

Om Gan Ganapataye Sarvavighn Haraay Sarvaay

Sarvagurave Lambodaraay Hreen Gan Namah

Ganpati Mantra for Confidence Or Self-Confidence
ॐ गं नमः
Om Gan Namah
Ganpati Mantra for Removal Of Unemployment Or Job Crisis
ॐ श्रीं सौम्याय सौभाग्याय गं गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानाय स्वाहा
Om Shri Soumaya Saubhagya Ganpatiye Var Varad Sarva Janam Mein Vishmanaya Swaha
Ganpati Mantra for Removal Of Obstacles And Delay In Marriage

ॐ वक्रतुण्डैक दंष्ट्राय क्लीं ह्रीं श्रीं गं गणपते 

वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानाय स्वाहा

Om Vakratundak dantray kleem hrim srin ga ganapate 

Var varad sarvajanam me vishmanaya swaha


Homan is a ritual, also known as Havan /Yagya. Homam is a ritual of purification in Indian tradition or Hinduism. The process of worshiping GodGod through fire in the Kund is called Homam/havan. After lighting the fire in the havan kund, the offering of fruits, honey, ghee, wood, etc., is prominent in this holy fire. Homam is performed for good luck, health, and prosperity, etc. Agni magnifies the properties of any substance manifold. Our body comprises five elements – earth, water, sky, fire, and air. In this ritual, fire is considered a symbol of purity. In the Vedic age, our ancestors started worshiping Agni. It is believed that the things offered to the deities in the Homam reach them when they are put in the fire.

According to Vedic texts, Ganpati Homam is a powerful Homam that helps a person attain a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life. Ganpati Homam is a ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganpati is highly venerated and is considered to be the remover of all obstacles. For seeking an obstacle-free path in any new venture or beginning, Lord Ganpati is invoked. Unconquerable obstacles magically dissipate and melt away with performing Ganpati Homam, ensuring success and well-being. Lord Ganesha is the GodGod of wisdom (knowledge), riddhi-siddhi (prosperity-success). Any obstacle coming in the life of a person gets removed by worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Performing Ganpati Homam once every year brings prosperity, health, and wealth. People, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, start all the rituals by performing Ganpati Homam. According to the Ganesha Purana, there are many types of Ganpati Homam that can be performed, e.g.: Maha Ganpati Homam, Ashtadravya Ganpati Homam, Sahasra Modak Ganpati Homam, etc. The Ganpati Homam is performed early in the morning to reap the benefits fully.

Lord Ganesha Mantras, Puja, Homam


• By performing this Homam, Devotee can get rid of all the obstacles and problems that he may have to face in the new ventures of his life, both professional and personal.

• Performing Ganpati Homam brings wealth and solves money-related problems in the Devotee’s life. Lord Ganesha is considered the ruler of the Muladhara Chakra, a symbol of material prosperity.

• Performing Ganpati Homam enlightens the spiritual mind and alerts one to the higher realms of existence.

• Worshiping Lord Ganesha once in a year brings happiness, prosperity, health, and happy life in the house.

• Ganpati Homam also gives the benefit of good health to the devotees who may suffer from ailments like Incurable Diseases, anxiety, depression, and injuries by accidents.

• Devotees also believe that worshiping Lord Ganesha ensures success and victory over mortal enemies.

• This Homam proves to be helpful in controlling the malefic effects of planets in a person’s horoscope.

• With the help of Ganpati Homam, one gets victory over deadly enemies.

• Performing Ganpati Homam will help the Devotee to overcome all the obstacles and problems that he encounters in his life.

• This Homam eliminates negative effects. It helps in Inducing positive energy and helps in attaining peace of mind.

• Ganpati Homam paves the way for success in one’s life.

• Ganpati Homam helps to bring happiness and harmony to family and success in life by removing all the obstacles and negative energies.

• Performing Ganpati Homam is an ideal remedy for a person passing through ‘Ketu Maha Dasha’ as per their horoscope, thereby reducing the malefic effects of Ketu Graha.

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